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Civil Rights Tour Atlanta – Just Excellent!
This tour exceeded our expectations. Mr. Tom Houck brought history to life for us with a warm and generous spirit. His commentary was filled with wisdom, wit and affection. It was a joy and a privilege to get a first-hand telling of events that were so formative to the development of our nation. Filled with keen-eyed observations but also great affection, this tour was exceptional. We highly recommend it. Bravo, Mr. Houck!

Reliving the Past
The Civil Rights Tour was very informative. I learned some new facts about the past which will propel the future. The tour was very well organized. The incorporation of freedom songs overwhelmingly take you back into time.

Great experience well worth it
I have lived in Atlanta since 1979. This tour filled in the holes of information that I had not been able to learn. Great mobile bus tour of historic yet lesser seen/known sites of Atlanta. A perfect tour to learn about the Civil Rights History in Atlanta. Just as important a and interesting, a intimate look into the African American political in reworkings and relationships in Atlanta. Tom Houck is open and honest about the time period and does not sugarcoat the turmoil of the period. Highly recommended.

Civil Rights Tour
The tour was very informative and interesting with lots of historical sites included. As a bonus, we got to see some different parts of Atlanta. We really enjoyed the tour and the Civil Rights museum. I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Atlanta.

Breath taking
The best tour taken in Atlanta (and I’ve taken several.) If you’re interested in history, civil rights or Atlanta in general, this is THE tour for you.

Civil Rights Tour
Wonderful tour with a guide with great perspective of the historical significance of Atlanta to the civil rights movement and the people involved. Rare opportunity to hear from one was involved in many aspects of the movement. Great job!

Historic Tour w/ A Witness To History
It’s rare that one gets a historic tour w/ an eye witness, but this is such a tour. Tom Houck was at the side of MLK (as a driver, babysitter, office, assistant etc) & his associates 50 years ago, & can recall from personal experience exactly what that was like. As he does it from memory, I’d imagine you get different stories , as he recalls them ,on each tour. Even our 10 yr old daughter found it interesting.

Civil rights tour
Tom Houck is the most knowledgable individual of our time. He made the tour informative and enjoyable

Great personal tour
There were about 20 or so persons on the tour I took and it was extremely enjoyable. Ages ranged from young with a couple of exchange students to older persons who were participants of various political actions. There were also varying degrees of background and several people shared memories of their own of the Civil Rights era that added to the enjoyment.

There were a couple of special guests on our tour that would not be on every tour, so I will only say that Tom Houck loves to bring an extra-element to the tours with people he knows joining the tour group on a non-scheduled basis..

I would definitely recommend this tour, even if you’re an Atlantan. Most residents know little about their own cities, and this is a tour that brings home what a factor the City of Atlanta residents played in changing ALL our history and current lives.

Enthusiastically Recommended!!
Tom provided great insight into what I THOUGHT I knew!! He put meat on the bones! And, the stop at the Cemetery was fascinating!…who knew?!! The vehicle was very comfortable and permitted perfect line of sight for the tour, which was so well planned. Tom’s personal experiences provided wonderful highlights. My out-of-town guests-my brother and a family friend- were very impressed. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely. Well worth the time and money!!

Our favorite
There’s no one better to give you an insider’s look at the Civil Rights history of Atlanta than Tom Houck. As Dr. King’s driver, he had up-close and personal access to the leaders of one of the most pivotal times in history. His wit, insight and understanding are unparalleled. Don’t miss this tour!

My group of two friends enjoyed the tour.
We designed our own Civil Rights Tour and started in Atlanta. This group tour was a good start. Tom was very personable and informative. I do recommend to others.

Great tour! Civil rights legacy revealed
I know a lot about Atlanta history…but I had no idea about our rich legacy right in our backyard. The depth of the tour was amazing. The stories and videos that accompany the tour were fantastic. I hope these tours not only enlighten folks, but bring attention to the places that should be restored and preserved.

Fantastic Tour with an Excellent Guide
My wife and I took a spur of the moment trip to Atlanta on Martin Luther King Day weekend, in part because we thought that this tour looked interesting, particularly given the weekend. Tom did not disappoint. He was one of the best and most enthusiastic tour guides I have ever had. He told interesting stories of the civil rights movement that truly came alive with his personal knowledge of Dr. King. His love for Dr. King and his family, as well as his city of Atlanta, gave the tour an extra something special. The details of life with Dr. King are something you just would not be able to get with a different tour. I can’t recommend this tour enough. If you find yourself in Atlanta, block off three hours and book a tour with Tom. You won’t regret it.

Fun and Informative
Great bus tour of THE civil rights spots in Atlanta. Not only do you see them, the tour guide provides an amazing amount of context and history. Tour is just the right length as well. Never felt bored or like I was stuck on the bus.

A  good–no GREAT–time was had by all!
Our second time on this tour. Special guests included Congressman John Lewis, former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell and City Councilman Swanza Hall. A treat for anyone and everyone interested in the civil rights movement and the relatively recent history of the City of Atlanta.

Great experience!
I’m going to write about the experience in detail on my blog…so I don’t want to drop spoilers here. Basically, it was a wonderful experience and I warmly recommend it to others.

Fantastic Tour
Tom Houck is the real deal and his tour is first rate. I have lived in Atlanta for 35 years and there were places on this tour I had never seen. So whether you are local or out of town this tour is a must do.

Seeing history before it disappears
Tom Houck had a front-row seat to so much of the history not only of Atlanta but of the civil rights movement that changed — or at least started to change — America. Tom offers a wonderfully rich and detailed account of so many stories behind the stories that we all learned about in school. It is a bit distressing to see so many historically significant sites in shambles — or gone altogether — but it’s important to serve as a witness to what happened here decades ago and what’s happening now. I wish there had been a little more time OFF the bus to explore, but I understand the need to contain the tour to a manageable length. One great bonus on our tour was the presence of several students from the city’s historically black colleges. Riding through some of Atlanta’s toughest, most economically deprived neighborhoods while listening to these talented young people sing songs of the movement was sobering but also uplifting. I recommend this tour to anybody who wants to know more about the city, the civil rights movement and the deep legacy of Dr. King.

History the books missed.
Excellent tour, a real opportunity to get in touch with those intimate details missed by history books.

Enlightening look at Atlanta’s Civil Rights history
I knew a lot of the big picture history but definitely enjoyed the some of the lesser known facts that clearly come from Tom’s personal knowledge/relationships during the civil rights era in Atlanta

An Absolute MUST!
Anyone visiting MUST absolutely take this tour! It is informative and very interesting. Our tour guide gives a peek behind the veil of the King family and speaks from an insiders point of view.

excellent history with focus on SCLC/SCOPE 1965
Tom as guide is very knowledgeable and informative. Rare to have a tour guide who was an active participant and intimately interacted with most of the civil rights leaders he describes. Answered all our questions. It was a very meaningful experience and I highly recommend the tour. Worth every penny.

Hidden Jewel of Atlanta
I was invited to go on this tour and it is an experience I will cherish. Mr. Tom called me as I was on my way to confirm my attendance. We had some bus trouble, but once we were on out way all was forgotten. The bus was very comfortable and people were accommodating. Mr. Tom provides an intimate and candid recollection of a time in our city when the fight for civil rights was front and center. I learned things that I never learned in my history class. It was also refreshing to hear it from someone who lives and breathes it.

Outstanding tour
This was the highlight of our trip to Atlanta, can’t recommend too highly.

A great learning experience!!!
You cannot get a better Civil Rights tour guide of Atlanta, Georgia than Mr. Tom Houck!!! PERIOD!!!

Excellent tour
Love the tour. It led me to remember parts of Atlanta history I had forgotten about and learn new things too. The inclusion of the tapes and other visitors who were alive during the era and who could add and share personal stories added a lot.

Educational and Enlightening
We highly recommend this tour, whether a native Atlantan, Georgian or tourist.

Amazing stories of the civil rights movement
I brought my mother and my 8-year-old daughter on this tour and we all enjoyed seeing sites and hearing the stories of Atlanta’s civil rights history. The tour guides included their own first-hand experiences and detailed knowledge to make for a fascinating tour. Highly recommended!

Great experience! Highly recommended!
The tour flew by. It was great to finally know and understand the history of these buildings and landmarks we pass on a daily basis. Would highly recommend to tourists and locals alike.

A Tour Atlanta Has Needed For A Long Time
A well organized coach tour with relevant video clips and most importantly guides who’s life experiences make the tour invaluable and fun.

Highly recommend!
I can’t recommend this experience too highly! Tom Houck is an engaging tour guide and his personal involvement in the Civil Rights movement in Atlanta is impressive, lending a great deal of gravitas to the tour. I learned so many things from him that I never knew. He deserves a place in history for his contributions. This tour is a must on any list of things to do in Atlanta.

Wonderful Walk Through Important History
I have been wanting to go on Tom Houck’s Civil Rights History Tour since he began the service. I finally was able to corral my family for June 6th, 2015 tour. As one who has read and studied a great deal about this history, I learned many things l had never previously heard or known.

My family and two brand new Atlanta residents (for 8 days) who were my guests all said it was not just informative but a lot of fun. Too much to see and try to comprehend in the 3 hours allotted so I will go back to a few of the places for a deeper dive.

Tom is the real deal. He lived this from the 60’s until today. He gives a unique perspective that only Tom could possibly give. I highly recommend this tour for those who want to know more about the most important events in Atlanta’s history and for those who “think” they already know it well. You will be surprised at some of the new things you learn about the history and about Michael King and his son, Mike. (Just one example of something I had never heard but now find fascinating).

Excellent tour. Everyone should take
Excellent tour.very informative.Tom Houck have lot of experience in the subject and he actually live the history. Also Ron was very good. Everyone should take this tour

A Completely New Perspective on Atlanta
On our Saturday tour we saw parts of Atlanta I had never seen before. This is a tour that would be interesting and informative to tourists as well as long time residents or natives, like myself. For instance, even though I have lived in the Atlanta area most of my life and was familiar with Dr. King’s tomb and his birthplace in the Old Fourth Ward, I had not seen the house that he lived in much of his life. The stories that Tom Houck told were very interesting as, well as the many historical sites, including the original resting place of Dr. King, where his parents are now buried. Finally, the videos were very well made and informative. I would love to repeat this sometime with out of town visitors.

Civil Rights Tour of Atlanta
Tom Houck is a witness to history. He and a supporting cast of local folks provide the context to what happened across the South with a personal touch. Many of Atlanta’s obscure Civil Rights sites are explored. Many stops, a few with a bit of walking but nothing too stressful. A fun experience on a beautiful Spring day in Atlanta.

Takes to off the beaten path
Sure, you can go to the MLK Center and take in Auburn Avenue and feel like you had a taste for what it was like in the 60s. But speaking as a long-time Atlanta resident, I wasn’t aware of Dr.. King’s residence at the time of his assassination. It is remarkable to see the simplicity of his lifestyle when compared to the greatness of his life. You’ll also see the tomb where he was first laid to rest, and where “Daddy King” is buried today. Ask to see the mark made by a bullet after Dr. King’s internment. Chilling.

What Some of our Guests Have Had to Say

Tom has been a witness and participant in the civil rights movement from a very young age. His story and his long association with the King family will provide new insights for the tourists – lending a fresh perspective on race in America.

Representative John Lewis, U.S. Congress, Georgia Fifth District

Atlanta Civil Rights Tours

Representative John Lewis, U.S. Congress, Georgia Fifth District

Tom has been a witness and participant in the civil rights movement from a very young age. His story and his long association with the King family will provide new insights for the tourists – lending a fresh perspective on race in America.
Tom Houck provides an intimate look at the private Martin Luther King Jr. not found anywhere else. There’s no scandal here – only an up-close, personal, never-before-seen look at the 20th century’s greatest civil rights icon.

Julian Bond, Former Board Chairman, NAACP

Atlanta Civil Rights Tours

Julian Bond, Former Board Chairman, NAACP

Tom Houck provides an intimate look at the private Martin Luther King Jr. not found anywhere else. There’s no scandal here – only an up-close, personal, never-before-seen look at the 20th century’s greatest civil rights icon.
Have you taken our tour? We would love to hear from you! Visit our quick review form and let us know what you thought of the Atlanta Civil Rights Tour!
Atlanta Civil Rights Tours
Have you taken our tour? We would love to hear from you! Visit our quick review form and let us know what you thought of the Atlanta Civil Rights Tour!